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2017 GRI report
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Message from our President

Stuart Macnaughton

I am very pleased to share with you Ambatovy’s eighth annual Sustainability Report covering our objectives,
approaches and performance over the course of the year. It reflects the importance that Sustainability plays in our operations.



Ambatovy Highlights over 2017

Governance and Human Rights

Ambatovy is committed to working with integrity, respect, and the highest ethical standards to endure that we are an organization that respects our communities, our partners, and our employees.

In the line with this commitment Ambatovy takes human rights very seriously and we have gone to great lengths to integrate respect for human rights in our operation and sustainability strategies. Our standards for behaviour are enforced across our organization, including with our suppliers, employees, and contractors.

Complying with National
and International Standards

Ambatovy is committed to complying with the legal and regulatory frameworks that regulate mining activities both in country and around the world. We have multiple voluntary and mandatory measures that we have committed or are obligated to follow. Ambatovy’s compliance with these measures makes possible our high safety, environmental and social goals. They include:

Economic Performance

Ambatovy is aware that our presence in Madagascar can have considerable economic impacts at the national, regional and local levels. Our vision is to significantly contribute to Madagascar’s development and to maximize the economic returns of our operations to our local communities.

Communities and Social Relations

Between Ambatovy's two operating facilities (Mine and Plant), a 220 km pipeline, and nearly 14,000 ha of environmental conservation areas, there are numerous possible impacts to be felt by the local population.

With an emphasis on health, livelihoods, and education, our Communities and Social Relations program ensures that we do our part for sustainable development and uphold our commitments to the communities neighboring our operations.


One of Ambatovy’s key goals is to minimize the impact of our operations on Madagascar’s environment. With regards to biodiversity, the aim is to achieve no net loss, and, preferably, a net gain.

We plan to accomplish these goals with rigorous mitigation techniques such as avoidance, minimization of risks, timely restoration of a sustainable landscape, and the offsetting of residual impacts.



At Ambatovy, we recognize our workforce as one of our most important assets. We have two employment commitments: to optimize national employment and to develop a highly-skilled workforce in Madagascar.

A number of policies and strategies are in place to ensure that Ambatovy is an employer of choice in Madagascar, including focusing on capacity-building, emphasizing internal communications, instilling a safety culture, and promoting fairness, equity and diversity in the workplace. We believe our success will depend on recruiting and retaining a cohort of employees that are committed to our vision, values, and long-term operation.

Sustainable Development

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a follow up to the Millennium Development Goals, consist of 17 ambitious targets to address global issues and to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the world by 2030.

There are several ways that Ambatovy supports and contributes to Madagascar's achievement of the SDG's, particularly throughout our overall business approach, our extensive investments in social and environmental activities, and through our commitment to supporting the growth of the Malagasy industry and small business through the Ambatovy Local Business Initiative.