Amphibian and Reptile Management Program

The goal of the amphibian and reptile program is to ensure the continued viability of populations of amphibian and reptile species affected by the Joint Venture’s operations. The main activities include carrying out pre-clearance species inventories and salvaging live animals to conservation forest refuge areas.

Since 2007, the program has salvaged more than 30,000 reptiles (69 species) and amphibians (92 species). This program will continue until forest clearing operations have been completed.

In addition, Ambatovy has developed a specific conservation program for the Golden Mantella (IUCN CR), which aims to ensure the continued viability of populations of this critically endangered frog. Ambatovy has supported regional surveys to identify the distribution of the frog and its critical habitats (in particular, breeding ponds and surrounding forest slopes) and is working with experts to identify the steps required to maintain viable populations in the mine area. Mitigation measures have included the relocation of over 3,000 individuals from the mine area to locations outside the footprint, establishing a captive breeding program, and developing offset approaches. The Mantella aurantiaca is a flagship species for Ambatovy’s conservation efforts.