Vision, Mission, and Values

Ambatovy’s Vision

Recognized as the world’s most successful nickel laterite operation..

Ambatovy’s Mission

To be a leader in the sustainable production of high quality nickel and cobalt for the global market.

Ambatovy’s Values

Our values will be the over-arching guidance for our company throughout the years to come and will strengthen us to face the many challenges we expect going forward.

Respect for People

  • We recognize the diversity of our workforce, both our employees and contractors, as a strength.
  • We promote trust, teamwork, and collaboration to achieve our goals.
  • We endeavor to develop our employees to their highest potential, driving engagement, commitment and dedication, and increasing pride in Ambatovy.


  • We embrace our commitment to world-class standards in safety, environmental stewardship and social performance.
  • We act in a transparent manner to maintain trust with all our stakeholders.
  • We adhere to good corporate governance practices and sound decision-making.
  • We accept our individual responsibilities and act on them.


  • We conduct our business in an honest, fair and respectful manner.
  • We adhere to high ethical standards as outlined in our corporate policies and procedures and we value our credibility and our positive reputation.


  • We strive to maximize economic returns for our shareholders.
  • We focus on continuous improvement to enhance business performance and to meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • We instill passion and encourage enthusiasm in all our activities, and we encourage creativity and innovation.