Tsaratantana Project


As the ristournes (royalties destined for the provinces, regions and communes) resulting from Ambatovy’s operations will be more significant than ever received, since 2014, Ambatovy has been supporting the Tsara Tantana (Good Governance) Project through our Social Investment Fund. The focus of the Tsara Tantanana project is to ensure the safe, effective, transparent and sustainable distribution and management of the royalties due to our host communities from our operations, as is required by the Law for Large Mining Investments (LGIM). Tsara Tantana has been designed to assist the receiving communities in capacity building, project design and management, infrastructure investment, and sustainable development so that the ristournes to be received will provide benefits to our host communities for generations to come.

The project has been a participatory process involving various government ministries, the business community, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, donors, civil society groups, traditional and local leaders, and members of the concerned communities. It has generated interest and we are seeking opportunities to collaborate with international partners and NGOs, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the German Development Cooperation Agency (GIZ), and Transparency International. The Tsara Tantana Project illustrates how Ambatovy is fostering discussions about transparency, accountability, equity and sustainability in our role as a major economic player in the country.