Learn More About Jennia, a Female Plant Operator

ava Jennia

Female Plant Operators are not found in great numbers; however, there are some at Ambatovy. Jennia RAMAROSAINA is one of them, and is proud of it. Indeed, she has been an operator for five years. Her daily work consists of taking samples and monitoring equipment, such as engines, tanks, vessels, pressure, levels, and conveyors.

Like any mother, she must also take care of her family after work. According to her, it was pretty frustrating at the beginning, but she gradually and happily accommodated herself over time. During her career at Ambatovy, she has greatly appreciated interacting with people of different cultures. However, she found it that it was even more extraordinary to perform a man’s job!!!

Jennia has one memory she never forgets: a power outage occurred during a certain moment of the night when she had just started the job and did not know what to do. Fear was setting in. Fortunately, her colleagues reassured her. At that moment, our Utilities operator realized that team spirit is like a chain in which everyone has to hold each other’s hand.