Flora Management Program

Excavating the ore at the Mine Site requires forest clearing. Based on an extensive botanical inventory, Ambatovy, with the help of the Missouri Botanical Garden, has identified plant species known to exist only within the Mine footprint and one or two other sites in Madagascar. These plants are categorized as Species of Concern (SOC).

For these SOCs, as a precautionary measure, Ambatovy developed a comprehensive ex-situ conservation program including whole-plant salvaging, seed collection, plant propagation, and the development of living collections for progressive rehabilitation of the Mine footprint. In parallel, Ambatovy supported searches for viable populations of SOCs in the Mine conservation forests and at other protected sites in the region. This search effort is ongoing and has resulted in the progressive reduction in the number of species requiring ex-situ conservation. From an initial list of 173 SOCs, the number still requiring special salvaging has been reduced to 5 “red” SOCs and 4 endangered species and is anticipated to descend to zero as the offsite surveys continue.