Fish Management Program

The goal of the fish management program is to maintain the viability of populations of endemic fish within the Mine region and in water courses affected by construction of the Pipeline.

Endemic fish species tend to be located in streams draining from catchments with intact forest and where barriers, such as waterfalls, prevent invasion by exotic species. The isolated and fragmented distribution of these endemic fishes makes them especially vulnerable to extirpation (local extinction), requiring careful conservation of even the smallest streams.

Pre-Construction surveys were conducted on the habitat of targeted fish species and aquatic systems in watercourses located at both the Mine site and along the route of the Pipeline. These surveys helped determine baseline conditions and outline environmental procedures for Construction. To minimize the impacts on aquatic systems, stringent mitigation measures were imposed on contractors during Construction.

Endemic fish and their habitats continue to be monitored regularly in the Mine area and in water courses crossing the sections of the Pipeline where endemic fish species still occur.